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Frequently Asked Questions


Why pick Hey Dj?

We work with you to provide the best experience tailored to your event! From first song to last. A unique song list will be made special for your event.

What is the "Take The Keys" policy?

We will not play anything that is inappropriate at your event. We will discuss exactly the direction you want and we stick to the script! Even when your party is going strong and requests start coming in to play songs with extreme language WE will not play anything you're uncomfortable with. No worry of waking up the next day with regret of spirited song requests being played. Every event has different boundaries. We will discuss them before and stick to them. You'll thank us tomorrow..

Why volume matters

Ever go into an event and the music is great, but it's just too  loud?  We have too and It's not fun. The volume will only be maximized when the party is going full swing. Never will you have an issue talking to each other and enjoying your party.  Guests will have a better experience and stay longer as well.  

Cost of a Hey DJ party?

We will work with any budget to try to get the party you want. 

But my friend can DJ.... Why not use him for free?

While in some cases you may actually know a qualified DJ and that's great.  In our experience just hitting play on the song is least important to the events success. Reading the crowd, knowing when to push/pull the energy, knowing how to talk on a microphone and sound and lighting adjustment all play more vital roles in the success of your event than someone with a playlist. 

How far out should I book and is a deposit required?

We only use the highest quality DJ's so our dates tend to book fast but it's never to early to book. A deposit will be required and discussed based on your needs